Fundraiser Suite

Fundraiser Suite

Fundraiser Suite our original software helps you be more effective by capturing all your organisation's contacts and relationships in its powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system and is efficient in raising funds for your organisation’s cause. Using the proper toolsets becomes a necessity not only for saving money, but also for generating higher returns. Below are two ways where financial return is gained.

Reducing your costs by effectively managing your donors and all related data will save you time and money. A good example is with mailing costs - Fundraiser’s ability to mail retrieve and merge mail within your organisation will result in reducing cost even if you do use mail houses. Fundraiser will also help you be more efficient by automating processes and sorting your valuable information such as: fast data entry; sorting mail by postal codes; receipting; banking; identifying donors that are of high value etc. Using other mailing strategies such as email, further cost savings can be found by analysing data using the system reports, such as the event and campaigns you define and then measure. View regional summaries outlining contributions nationally and compare year against year.

Increasing your response rates while reducing costs is very important. Fundraiser also helps you raise more money by first capturing and then more importantly helping you to actually use the information to strategise new campaigns. What if I could make solid decisions based on accurate data analysis using advanced reporting tools? What would my return be if I added other contact segments into my campaign? Where are my major donations coming from? What sector and region? These are some of the questions that can be answered quickly and easily with Fundraiser.

    Contact Management

  • Multiple address storage
  • Communication management
  • Relationship management
  • Duplicate check when adding new contacts
  • Contact grouping
  • Advanced contact segmentation
  • Alerts
  • Advanced search capabilities
  • My favourites
  • My recent contacts
  • Quick view

    Event Management

  • Event analysis and comparisons
  • Multiple list profiler
  • Function management and ticketing system
  • Reservations system
  • Multilevel event structure for managing champions


  • Transaction splitting
  • Creating transactions on behalf of other contacts
  • Receipt generator


  • Comprehensive list of inbuilt reports
  • Contact Query Generator
  • Customisable reporting to Microsoft Excel
  • Mail merging to Microsoft Word
  • Export report output to file
  • Email to contacts via Microsoft Outlook

    Membership Management

  • Variable membership lengths
  • Associate members
  • Renewal reminders
  • Overdue renewal management
  • Membership segmentation

    Document & Media Management

  • All correspondence sent from Fundraiser is stored within the database
  • Creates an audit trail for each contact
  • Media Centre has a scanning facility that allows users to scan documents directly into Fundraiser
  • Allows media files such as images, sound files, documents and other files related to a contact to be stored in the database

    Email Components

  • Create bulk personalised emails allowing all communications to be emailed to contacts
  • Email history stored in contact profile

    Data Management

  • Database deduplication tool
  • Auto archiving of historical financial transactions
  • Set preferences for commonly used features

    Data Importer

  • Import data into Fundraiser’s database from any data structure

    Integration to Accounting or Other Products

  • Integration to third party products is supported. Fundraiser has options to export data to financial packages such as MYOB, Xero, Great Plains, Profit and various others

    Bequest Management

  • Manage bequest prospects
  • Store and manage all bequests including received and pending

    Grant Management

  • Store and manage all information related to Grants
  • Manage accountability schedules and outcomes

    Honorary Giving Management

  • Manage honorary/in memoriam events
  • Create donation certificates for next of kin


  • Quick view of invoices that are pending
  • Overdue invoices and debt management

    Stock Management

  • Dispatch control
  • Manage all stock items
  • Packing slip generator

    Regular Giving

  • Easy processing for regular payments
  • Automatic payment processing
  • Annual receipting
  • Automatic retry system for failed transactions

    Volunteer Management

  • Timesheet management
  • Manage street appeals and collectors
  • Group volunteers by service or location
  • Allocate tasks' availability

    Alumni Management

  • Store class history, certificates, prizes, interests and activities
  • Manage reunions and special school fundraising events


  • Produce barcodes on appeal so they can be processed quickly and accurately
  • Integrated with Fundraiser's search companion which allows contacts to be searched by scanning a barcode

    Fund Application/Distribution Management

  • Allows users to store all funding information for a Grant as well as manage the Applicants and Applications
  • Manage the income in and out of the Grant, as well as the management of Applicants and Applications

    Online Charge Credit Cards/Direct Debits

  • Process credit card payments instantly and securely via the Internet
  • Payment page allowing donations to sync automatically with Fundraiser
  • Integrates with main banks for direct debits
  • PCI compliant solution
  • Charges credit cards automatically on due dates

    Parish Management

  • Manage all Parishes and group them to specific Diocese
  • Create Parish directories and Parish member’s reports

    Patient Management

  • Allows management of a variety of patient related attributes such as diagnoses, illnesses, treatments and referrals
  • Manage patients who attend various meeting groups for specific illnesses or treatment

    In Person Management

  • Captures face to face liaisons
  • Generates statistical reporting within date ranges giving you totals for each action group


  • Build your own custom fields and rules in Fundraiser by using the Workflow module
  • Fields can be exported and reported on by using Fundraiser's powerful query tool

    Programme Management

  • Allows organisations to manage contacts who have attended various programmes


  • Create telemarketing custom call lists for both cold and warm calling
  • All call lists are managed from Fundraiser’s easy to use Call Centre with customisable action codes
  • Dialling system is also available

    Mobile SMS Messaging

  • Send bulk SMS personalised TXT messages to mobile devices through Fundraiser


  • Built in Postcode address verify system
  • New Zealand/Australia Post data integrated


  • Completely customisable data access
  • Password maintenance
  • User maintenance & definable user groups