Payment Solutions

Payment Solutions

The Online Charge Module adds significant value to the Fundraiser Suite . The main benefit is that credit card transactions can be securely processed and charged on the fly, eliminating double handling which will improve staff efficiency and minimise entry error. The other main benefit is that credit card numbers will never stored in the database thus making Fundraiser PCI compliant.

Fundraiser has been designed with an open architecture that allows us to integrate with most secure payment suppliers. Infosoft partners with PaymentExpress® DPS (Direct Payment Solutions) which is certified with banks in Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Singapore, South Africa, Malaysia, USA and the United Kingdom. DPS are the largest online gateway provider in NewZealand that is responsible for processing transactions from some of the busiest online eCommerce websites in the country.

Auto Charge Server

The Auto Charge server automatically charges cards on their due date minimising the need for any manual work. it has a retry system built in that will retry failed cards using our retry frequency that has proven to be very effective in success rates on failed cards.