Infosoft provides a wide range of services that complement our products. Our people and services are geared towards identifying and satisfying the business objectives of our clients. We provide customisable solutions that meet your organisations requirements and we back it all up with excellent support. Over the years Infosoft has chosen a number of partners that also work with us to provide a mixture of different and more specialised services that add value to our products.

Consultancy & Project Management

Consultancy, advice and management of projects are the range of services we provide to help make ideas happen from early stages of conception to development and implementation Infosoft has the ability to make your ideas a reality.


Infosoft recognises that for some clients there are no ready-made software solutions. This is why Infosoft offers development services to meet clients' specific requirements. Infosoft manages the whole software development process to ensure that the end product meets all the objectives of the organisation.

Data Migration & Cleansing

Data is the lifeblood of any organisation, which is why Infosoft has invested heavily in our data migration and cleansing service. Infosoft is highly skilled in not only migrating data from legacy systems into our Fundraiser Suite but also configuring the migration to enhance the use of the data within the business.


Infosoft has over 15 years’ experience in implementing Fundraiser Suite in organisations of all sizes, from one person entities to multinational corporations. We apply the same project management disciplines for all clients and work with you to schedule and implement the project in the most efficient and business friendly manner.

Payment Processing Solutions

Infosoft has partnered with Payment Express to provide payment processing solutions. Infosoft chose Payment Express because their solution is very robust and reliable with seamless connectivity to many banks in New Zealand and around the world.

This partnership allows Infosoft to provide Credit card payments authorised and charged on the spot. There is never any double handling of information. Merchants have access to Payment Manager™ real-time management console allowing organisations to have an audit trail of payments that were charged with DPS.

There is no need for any expensive hardware upgrades because all the processing happens at Payment Express. Payment Expresses’ data centre is PCI-DSS certified at processor level, giving you peace of mind that your valuable donor credit card information is safe.

Statement of Accuracy

New Zealand Post requires that to qualify for bulk mail discounts your organisation must provide a Statement of Accuracy (SOA) that shows that your database meets New Zealand post standards by 85% and above. At Infosoft this process is incredibly easy. Infosoft has developed an in house service where data can be checked and a SOA produced within 1-2 business days and at a very competitive price.