Whether you have an in-house call centre or it’s outsourced to agencies, Fundraiser’s telemarketing system allows you to add workflow so the data can be managed easily.

  • Imports Cold Call Lists and keeps these separate.
  • Segmentation based on geographic and other attributes.
  • An easy to use Call Centre that allows outcomes to be processed as the agents are talking.
  • Payments processed at real-time with PCI compliance.
  • Full integration with address verification.
  • Automated letter/email generation based on outcome or process.
  • Statistical reporting

Fundraiser’s Call Results Integration system is designed for organisations that outsource telemarketing or face to face campaigns.
  • Import and process single gift donations on the fly without user interaction.
  • Manage and process product purchases and donation gifts at the same time.
  • Set up or update regular gift schedules.
  • Update any donor details information automatically.
  • Update and process credit cards or bank details automatically.
  • Cleanse and verify addresses before they added into the database.
  • Set up contacts/donors that require to be actioned.