The SMSEngine is a hosted web service provided by Infosoft that allows simple connectivity between mobile devices and desktop applications. It utilises GSM technology which is commonly used by most mobile telco's round the world, therefore messaging around the world is not a problem. We also offer replies via email, so if the contact receiving the message replies, an email will be forwarded containing that reply.

How It Works With Fundraiser

Fundraiser Suite connects to the SMSEngine which allows organisations to send one off or bulk text messages (SMS) to contacts stored in Fundraiser's database. Messages can also be personalised simply by using merge fields while creating your bulk recipient send. There are various scenarios where this form of communication can be used, whether it’s sending invites for a specific event or even a reminder to specific groups of contacts.

SMSEngine Diagram

Integrating With The SMSEngine

Because the SMSEngine is a webservice, it can be integrated to work with most applications. If your organisation requires SMS messaging tools, contact us for more information.