Fundraiser Suite Features

Contact Management (CRM)

Detailed contact information capture.

Ability to link contacts and create relationships based on relationship type and role.

Build unlimited and personalised contact grouping.

Multiple address storage with address validation using Infosoft's PostcodeFinder.

Create alerts with messages about a contact when particular contact cards are launched.

Accessing a list of recently accessed contacts.

Ability to add contacts as favourites.

Duplication checking when adding new contacts into the database.

Advanced search capability allowing searches to be performed on all attributes including notes.

Ability to view full contact history within each contact card.

Address Validation & Cleansing

Search and verify addresses quickly using PostcodeFinder. Fundraiser will automatically format address blocks to requirements.

Bulk address cleansing is done simply using Fundraiser's Bulk Address Cleanse Wizard and with our SendRight™ certified data partner Acxiom®

Full integration with Twins & Data Tools for bulk mailing management in Australia.

Communication Centre

Manage the types of communication/mail/information contacts receive.

Determine whether they are to called/mailed/faxed/emailed or SMSed.

Set the amount of copies they receive and where the information is to be sent.

Media Centre (Document Management System)

Manages letters, receipts and other documents sent are stored in Fundraiser’s database system. This allows organisations to have an audit trail on documents/letters that were sent to particular contacts and donors.

Link or store external documents/pictures/sound files directly to database.

Scan and store documents/files directly from Fundraiser and store to contact records.

Event Management

Event analysis and comparisons.

Multiple segment targeting based on profiles.

Segment cross over tools.

Multi tier event structures for managing Champions.

Function Management and Ticketing System.

Reservations System.

Financial Management

Generating receipts/invoices utilise Microsoft Word. So stationary can be customised to suit easily.

Ability to split transactions to multiple funds/events or on behalf of other contacts.

Ability to process credit card transactions securely via the Internet using Fundraiser's Online Charge Module.

Using Fundraiser’s Online Charge Module also makes the database PCI compliant reassuring your donor’s credit card information is safe.

Quick and simple to use receipt generator.

Personalised receipt letters with notes can be generated quickly

Quick view at invoices that are pending.

Manage invoice that are overdue with dept management.

Create banking summaries for multiple bankings.

Transaction summaries based on general ledger codes.

Banking data export tool.

Integration to accounting systems such as Great Plains, MYOB, Profit and Attaché.

Ability to integrate to other third party products is supported.

Stock Management

Manage all stock items and inventory.

Ability to track and control dispatching of goods.

Generate packing slips/labels for goods being sent.

Produce picking lists for packers packing the goods.

Scheduled Payments

Ability to set scheduled payments/gifts and allow full reconciliation before payments are processed.

Produce direct debit files that can be used by your banking software to charge authorised accounts.

Generate standard or personalised annual receipts with ease.

Membership Management

Variable membership lengths.

Associate related contacts to one membership.

Manage the whole renewal process with different renewal letters at different times.

Ability to segment membership by different categories.

Volunteer Management

Ability to manage volunteer's availability by tasks.

Manage street appeals and collectors.

Track and record timesheets based on tasks completed.

Group volunteers by services or locations.

Grant Management

Ability to manage grants for internal projects and community funds that are distributed to the community.

Ability to track successful and declined applications.

Manage accountability schedules and outcomes.

Bequest Management

Track bequest prospects and contacts that have been sent information about various bequest programmes.

Manage all communications, point of contacts, solicitors and due dates.

Honorary/In Memory

Manage memorial/honorary events.

Create donation certificates for the next-of-kin’s.

Patient Management

Ability to manage patients or clients with various diagnoses, illnesses, treatments and referrals.

Manage patients or clients that attend various meeting groups for specific illnesses or treatments.

Log loans and credits for patients with disabilities.

Programme Management

Manage programmes that contacts have been on and completed.

Group programmes by chapter and countries visited or whether they were a host or a participant.


Capture and store class history for all students and teachers.

Assign definable certificates and special prizes.

Ability to store interests and activities.

Record work career options and notes.



Import and manage Cold Call Lists directly from Fundraiser's Cold Call Database Manager.

Create segmented cold or warm call lists.

User friendly Call Centre interface with automatic dialing features that allow agents to see caller information and history prior to calling.

Manage call terminations with customizable termination codes.

Process credit card transactions securely and at real-time (See the Online Charge Module for more information)

Telemarketing history auditing and termination codes summaries.

Full performance reporting.


Produce barcodes on appeal so they can be processed quickly and accurately.

Integrated with Fundraiser's search companion which allows contacts to be searched by scanning a barcode.

We have found this method of processing to be the most effective that requires very limited training at peak appeal times.

Newsroom & Email Components

Fundraiser integrates with Newsroom to allow electronic newsletters to be sent and managed via Newsroom.

Data Importer

Import data into Fundraiser’s database from any data structure. Simply drag and drop the fields and into position and import.


Fundraiser has over 50 detailed reports including an easy to use query tool (Contact Query Generator).

All reports are able to be exported to Microsoft Excel where the data can be used to create graphs our used in board reports.

Microsoft Word is used for all document outputs and merges.


Fundraiser security is completely customisable allowing permission groups to be created and allocated.

User Maintenance

Ability to define attributes and content in lists.

Auto archiving of old records and transactions which means the database is always running efficiently.


In depth help file on every area.

A glossary of technical terms is included.

Getting started guide.

Ability to add intranet or Internet links.

Live Updates

Keeping Fundraiser updated is part of our on going servicing where we provide new functionality and improvements to existing processes.

Live updates allow you to automatically download software updates when they are available.