Over the years Infosoft has developed a number of off the shelf products that integrate with each other to provide customised solutions that meet requirements. Below are a list of our products...

Fundraiser Suite

Fundraiser helps you be more effective by capturing all your organisation's contacts and relationships in its powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system and is efficient in raising funds for your organisation’s cause. Using the proper tool sets becomes a necessity not only for saving money, but also for generating higher returns. Below are two ways where financial return is gained.

Reducing your costs by effectively managing your donors and all related data will save you time and money. A good example is with mailing costs - Fundraiser’s ability to mail retrieve and merge mail within your organisation will result in reducing cost even if you do use mail houses. Fundraiser will also help you be more efficient by automating processes and sorting your valuable information such as: fast data entry; sorting mail by postal codes; receipting; banking; identifying donors that are of high value etc. Using other mailing strategies such as email, further cost savings can be found by analysing data using the system reports, such as the event and campaigns you define and then measure. View a regional summary outlining contributions nationally and compare year against year.

Increasing your response rates while reducing costs is very important. Fundraiser also helps you raise more money by first capturing and then more importantly helping you to actually use the information to strategise new campaigns. What if I could make solid decisions based on accurate data analysis using advanced reporting tools? What would my return be if I added other contact segments into my campaign? Where are my major donations coming from? What sector and region? These are some of the questions that can be answered quickly and easily with Fundraiser. Learn more...

Fundraiser Explorer Fundraiser Contact Card Fundraiser Contact Card Fundraiser Contact Card


Fundraiser’s Telemarketing module allows your organisation to turn Fundraiser into a call centre system. Target, process and manage all telemarketing campaigns from Fundraiser or you can import Call Result Lists from external telemarketing companies. Combining this with the Online Charge your organisation can take advantage of processing credit cards and completing transactions all in real time. Learn more...

Fundraiser Explorer

Online Charge

Online Charge integrates Fundraiser directly to your bank which allows cards to be processed to your bank account in real-time. Our systems complies with all PCI standards set by the PCI Standards Council and is regularly scanned by Trustwave. Learn more...

Fundraiser Explorer Fundraiser Explorer

SMS Engine

The SMSEngine is a hosted web service provided by Infosoft that allows simple connectivity between mobile devices and desktop applications. It utilises GSM technology which is commonly used by most mobile telco's round the world, therefore messaging around the world is not a problem. We also offer replies via email, so if the contact receiving the message replies, an email will be forwarded containing that reply. Learn more...

Fundraiser Bulk Messaging System

Fund Management

A critical system for any community based organisation which allows you to easily manage contributions, applications and distributions associated with a distributed or capital fund. Easily manage incoming and outgoing funds, the ability to create application recommendations and the ease of accountability is all built in.


Newsroom is a web-based application that lets users promote their Organisation/services by creating electronic newsletters. It integrates with your existing website by allowing visitors to subscribe to various media. Their details are stored in your Newsroom account to be used for future mail outs. Learn more

Fundraiser Bulk Messaging System


From 1 July 2008, New Zealand Post introduced new accuracy and addressing standards for bulk mail. These new standards mean postal address information must be extremely accurate for any organisation to qualify for bulk mail postage rates. New Zealand Post will continually update this information as changes will occur every quarter.

To help our new and existing customers achieve the required levels of accuracy, Infosoft, has developed the PostcodeFinder application. The PostcodeFinder is a web service that can be easily integrated into any application which allows users find and update full postal address information.