About Infosoft

Infosoft is a New Zealand owned and operated software development company. Infosoft offers an integrated range of services spanning software design, development, implementation and support, but also has a portfolio of Internet services. Our existing client base ranges from medium business right through to the largest of international organisations throughout New Zealand and Australia. Although our main focus is software and Internet development we also have developed a selected range of off the shelf products which may suit your needs. Please make sure you visit our products area to check out our latest developments.

Adding business value requires that at any stage of any project, our people and services are geared towards identifying and satisfying material business objectives of our clients. This goes far beyond the initial brief. We make it our business to understand the business processes and ongoing objectives of our business partners, and to maintain a stance of active inquiry at all project stages so as to be alive to opportunities to add further value.

Reducing business risk provides a logical counterpoint to our value philosophy. Important in each of our processes is stringent attention to identifying and managing areas of material risk at all stages of any project. We work closely with our business partners to minimise the implications of these risks to their business.


Our People

Infosoft can provide your organisation with powerful intuitive software to manage your business need but we also know the value of backing this up with excellent support and consultancy. We therefore provide a number of consultants who know our software well and are able to add value to your business. We have a number of consultants that have years of industry experience and know-how that will help get your organisation to perform at its optimal level. If you would like more information please contacts us.

Paul Dragunis

Founder & Director, Infosoft Limited
With more than 15 years in the IT industry, Paul initially trained and worked as a software developer. Moving more into consultancy roles he soon founded Infosoft in 1999. Being an innovator and entrepreneur, Paul has successfully expanded the business into the Australian and Asian markets. He has worked with many organisations throughout New Zealand, Australia and Asia, all with unique challenges and requirements. His style, strong leadership skills and industry experience has allowed him to steer Infosoft with a clear vision to provide revolutionised products and solutions.

Alastair McDonald

One of our most experienced developers at Infosoft, Alastair brings lots of experience ranging from low level data design to implementation of key processes and algorithms. He also has great strength in understanding user requirements and human-computer interaction which allows him to create seamless and logical interfaces during development.

Sam Burke

Sam has a highly technical background and extensive experience in all areas of software development including various payment gateway solutions and secure web payment processing. He also has a very extensive knowledge on hardware and networking infrastructures allowing him to use this knowledge during the design phase.

Nicola Edwards

Auckland Regional Fundraiser Consultant

Nicola joins the Infosoft team after four years in a variety of voluntary roles at a high profile and successful non-profit organisation. This included project management, with a focus on IT support and logistics. For several years she was central to the success of an annual fundraising event. With an extensive background in IT, Nicola is highly skilled in project management and business analysis, and has the interpersonal skills vital for effective training and support. In recent years Nicola has been fortunate to utilise her business skills in an area she is passionate about. Nicola is committed to helping clients to reach, and stretch, their fundraising potential. Her role at Infosoft is to provide on-site training and support for all our clients in the greater Auckland area. Nicola is available on an hourly or short term contract rate.

Frances Bidmead

Wellington Regional Fundraiser Business Analyst

Frances delivers analysis and training for Fundraiser clients to help them understand, organise and to use Fundraiser more confidently and effectively. By working alongside clients and understanding their business needs as well as the varying needs within their organisation she ensures that all staff from administration, accounts, to marketing staff, work accurately, efficiently and successfully. The real difference that she brings is to ensure that staff work effectively with the complete solution of tools, practices and habits. Consequently she provides an effective bridge between the technical specialists at Infosoft and the client organisation with their everyday wider range of needs.

Andre Boland

Having a very busy role at Infosoft Andre's responsibilities vary from managing all aspects of Infosoft's accounts to the day to day running of our office. Andre also overlooks client satisfaction.

Richard Philips

Richard manages our product support making sure all our customers can access our helpdesk and their queries are resolved quickly. He is very logical with a curious analytical mind at the same time he is able to help customers at any level of expertise.